Summer Camps

Summer Camp Registration is open for current students and the general public April 1st, 2022.

Dust off your ball gown and grab your tiara for Princess Training Camp. You will start your week at the royal academy learning how to be kind, loyal, brave, and strong. Your week will finish up with a Princess Tea Party and special performance for Parents! Special guest Disney's Princesses! This will be a great start to your Happily Ever After. Crafts and snacks provided each day.

Age 3-6


Test your strength of body and of heart with the rock solid Luisa. Whisper to your favorite furry friends with Antonio. Let Julieta heal you with a delicious cooking class. Whip up a storm and let it rain with Peppa. And of course, let Maribel remind you how to put family first ad find your gift within. Each day of this amazing adventure will be themed around one of your favorite Madrigal family members, and YES we will be talking about BRUNO and helping you find your special gift. Crafts and snacks provided each day.

Ages 7-10


Are you a Middle or High Schooler that is interested in Dance Team?? Or Would you like to take class from some pretty amazing Dance Team Instructors?? Come get prepared in Pom, Hip Hop, and Technique. Instructors are Clemson Rally Cats, USC Carolina Girls and Louisville Ladybirds.

Grade 6-8th 4:00-6:00pm
Grade 9-12th 6:00-8:00pm