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About Us

Center Stage Dance Academy is located on Gold Hill Road at the entrance of Tega Cay. The studio is professionally equipped with three sprung dance floors, mirrors, and ballet barres. The studio has a large waiting area with two observation windows. While parents are encouraged to observe the students, it is in the best interest of the students if this is limited to once a month.

Our Mission
The study of dance can be considered a highly motivated form of self-direction. Each student takes a class for personal reasons. The youngest students often come to "be with friends". Sometimes it stems from a parent's love and desire to engender grace and good posture. Though few initially think of a dance class as a long term commitment, occasionally it happens. Young dancers who are incorrectly taught or pushed too fast, will not develop an appreciation for the art. Learning to dance requires personal dedication and support from parents and friends. Dance demands hard work and perseverance. Those who persist discover that good technique is essential to becoming an accomplished dancer.

At Center Stage Dance Academy  proper dance technique is stressed at all levels. All teaching at Center Stage Dance Academy is done on a very personal basis adjusted to the natural pace of the student. The student's age and level of involvement determines the recommended frequency of classes. Students are placed on classes based on their age and ability. Proper placement is critical to dance education and helps maintain the integrity of each class. It is our goal at Center Stage Dance Academy to provide students a loving, fun, caring, family atmosphere while at the same time establishing very high standards when it comes to their dance training. Excellence of instruction is one of our top priorities.


Center Stage Dance Academy offers class in Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Acro, Cheer Dance and Lyrical. We except students 3 and up. Additionally, we offer an Elite Dance program that may be taken in conjuction with a student's regular class. These classes are taught by a well respected choreographers and master teachers.

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